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this was created as a running blog. instead, it's about eating and traveling, which i guess is what i'm about.

taipei, taiwan
left to right: first mos burger of the trip, julienned ginger at din tai fung, gorgeous almond shave ice

taiwan!!!  i love taipei so much!

sadly, woke up at 5am today.  usually, this would be great because this is when i go out to the bakeries that are just opening for the day.  usually, i buy and devour many delicious buns, maybe pick up some dan bing.   however, since i’m staying at walter’s grandma’s house for a few days, this was not possible because i have no way of getting back in the house. ):

instead, i went downstairs and read 1q84 for 2 hours (finally getting better) before grandma woke up and made me eat a bunch of food she prepared.  after some more food and fruits (black pearl wax apples!!!), we finally headed up.  first stop, dry cleaning for my poor wool/cashmere coat.  yup, the ones i’m wearing in ALL my pictures.  grose ):

then walter and i went off to get sim cards and meet mom and jon for lunch!  we went to new sogo and got a number at din tai fung (鼎泰豐).  the wait wasn’t bad but i just couldn’t wait!  went downstairs to my beloved mos burger.  mmm so good!!!  i have loved mos burger since i was a kid and was very heartbroken when the mos burger in hawaii close.  WHY?!?!?!

delicious din tai fung time!  was reminded that yes, there are courteous, warm, welcoming chinese people.  they’re all in taiwan.  got the standards, and tried their beef noodle soup, which i thought was actually really well done!  so we got another.  had their zong zi 粽子 cuz last time i discovered that they were super good!!! (not taiwan zong zi, which i dislike)

stuuuffed, we went to the picture studio to pick out dresses for family portraits.  i haven’t really taken family portraits since i was… 5.  but i guess now is as good a time as any.  ok.  i’m not going to reveal the name of the studio, because i have friends who took their engagement/wedding photos there but the dresses were hooorrible!!! (friends’ pictures weren’t very good either… X:)  i felt like i was in a discount quincenera/prom store in redwood city…  this studio used to be wildly popular, but 15-20 years ago.  i guess they haven’t really updated their dresses.  they had a few more acceptable dresses, but they  cost extra as rentals.  good thing i brought a dress of my own…  i did manage to find a dress though, although i had the straps removed.  the dress doesn’t look great, but it was one of the least crazy ones they had and the color is good on me.

then! then!  we went to yu’s almond tofu (于記杏仁豆腐) for their amazing, amazing shave ice!  unearthed this place during my trip last year.  their shave ice is made with frozen almond milk, then there’s delicate, silky almond tofu underneath.  

after this, we had to go do boring business at the westin, where our reception will be held.  really unfortunate, they’re doing a huge remodeling of their lobby so a large section is sectioned off and there’s basically no lobby.  oh well.  then we had dinner at gi-on japanese downstairs, which was decent.

crazy crazy tired at this point and really just wanted to go to bed but had to wash my hair for pictures tomorrow T.T

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