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this was created as a running blog. instead, it's about eating and traveling, which i guess is what i'm about.

honolulu, hawaii
top left to right: kamaage udon at marukame udon, mochi ice creams from bubbie’s, thick cut from tonkatsu ginza bairin
bottom: designed by me, made by mariko at salon cherie 

delicious day!  i slept a looot last night cuz i wasn’t able to sleep the night before.  we went straight to lunch at marukame udon.  marukame udon is a pretty popular “fast food” chain in japan and they opened on this year in waikiki!  there’s always a line but it moves quickly.  choose your udon, grab your topping and pay.  though it’s a chain, it’s really good.  all their udon is made on-site and for hawaii, it’s a really cheap meal (but can add up easily depending on your toppings).

i went with the kamaage udon (hot udon with dipping sauce) while walter got a large niku udon.  it was too hot today for so much hot soup!  all the toppings were tasty (even had a tempura soft-boiled egg!) though there are no free refills on drinks, which often seems to be the case in hawaii.  next time i’ll have to decide between curry, zaru or bukkake (hurhur) udon.

on the way home, we stopped by food pantry for some water and i noticed to HI steaks place had bubbies!  walter’s never had bubbies before so i picked up half a dozen mochi ice creams to take home.  however, it’s more expensive here than at the store.  i also learned that they might carry bubbies back home ot draegers or andronicos!

after resting a bit, i went off to continue my quest of looking presentable again.  i walked to the other side of waikiki to get my eyebrows waxed.  uhh, waxing is pretty expensive here.  eyebrows start at $20 pretty much everywhere with decent ratings.  i went to the waxing company.  rachel there was super nice and meticulous.  took about 20 minutes, and my eyebrows are already pretty nicely shaped.  i usually just clean up the edges and trim.  she did a good job, but they didn’t actually look magnificently better than usual.  at the waxing company, brazilians start at $85.  double ouch.

after this, i went to get my nails did!!!  if you don’t know already, i’m obsessed with nails.  not just mine, but everybody’s.  it’s one of the first things i look at when i meet someone.  if you have grimey, long nails, it’s going to be tough for us to interact.  anyway, i’ve been wanting to do crazy japanese 3d nails for years and years, but didn’t have any time my last trip to japan.  i think a couple salons opened down in san jose, but i think they’re expensive and not very good.  plus, they’re in san jose. |:

i initially wanted to go to nails by adrienne, but she didn’t have availability until january!  heard great things about salon cherie, but though it might be too expensive at first.  anyway, they happened to have a cancellation so i got in!  i had a regular pedicure ($35 was average-ish price and very, very thorough!) and skip any designs there.  i was planning to get crazy designs, but chickened out when i got there.  just not really me i guess.  instead, i got to design my own nails, going with a black and nude color scheme and added a few little bows, lace and polka dots.  and a few rhinestones.  also chose to do shellac over cal-gel so it’d be more natural.  mariko was amazing!  so sweet and fun and open to trying things out.  anyway, i really loved the outcome; definitely girly but didn’t go overboard.  maybe next round!  walter is actually surprised at how girly the design i chose was…

got to see lance finally!  lance and his friend joined us for dinner at tonkatsu gina bairin.  i’d walked by here before when i stayed at outrigger reef, but never been.  sophia highly recommended it though and lance’s friend said it was supposed to be the best tonkatsu place in hawaii.  it probably is.  it’s definitely authentic and though not quite as good as the tonkatsu place i went to in kyoto, i can’t imagine anywhere better stateside.

stopped by some shops on the way home.  i thought about caving and finally buying some relatively normal looking crocs sandals, because i think my havaianas might be done for soon, but $45 for that ugly shit?  nooo thanks!  i can’t deny how amazingly comfortable they are though.  like walking on marshmallows.

also started reading then again, diane keaton’s memoir.  so far, really like it but i also adore diane keaton.  meryl streep, where’s your memoir?!

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