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this was created as a running blog. instead, it's about eating and traveling, which i guess is what i'm about.

honolulu, hawaii
top: with our lovely host and lemondrop maker extraordinaire, jaime

left to right: king crab legs, a sample of dinner, happy looking jello

slept in.  walter went to retrieve our rental car and brought lunch back too!  huge, huge cheesesteaks and that was the “regular” size.  he got me curly fries even though he hates them <3  halfway through, i was stuffed and had to stop to save room for dinner.

skyped with my mommy and then we pretty much bummed around until it was time to go to dinner.  jaime invited us to spend christmas with her huge family!  we drove to kaneohe and arrived to a house filled with happy people, all the women wearing festive red.  jaime is exactly a younger version of her mom, in both looks and mannerisms; so cute!  we brought a couple bottles of cab, which were hopefully good and i got to try one of jaime’s famous lemondrops!  it was preeetty good.  and deceptively strong, especially on an empty stomach.  norm was already buzzing haha

lots of hors d’oeuvres, including incredibly fresh ahi tuna sashimi and homemade peanut mochis.  main event included prime rib, butternut squash soup, king crab legs (apparently about 90% of the men in jaime’s family is allergic to crab, so a happy day for walter) and singaporean noodles.  the foie gras never arrived because jaime’s uncle got sick from eating too much of it during his cooking hahaha  everyone was so nice and friendly!  hawaiian christmases are pretty fun nice (:

around 11pm we said our goodbyes (until new year’s!) and drove about 1.5 miles over to lance’s house.  time to get killed in poker.  i’m not even a poker player.  amazingly, walter came in second and we got our buy-in back!  also got some thoughtful presents from lance, who also offered to lug them back home for me since we’re overloaded.  so sweet!  he also pitted me and walter against each other in this amazing game called mindflex.  apparently walter had played before; unfair advantage!  you try to move this ball with your mind.  i won once and walter won 3 times ):  i am buying this game and figuring it out.  REMATCH!!!

almost 2am when we got home, and surfing lessons at 9am |:  

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