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this was created as a running blog. instead, it's about eating and traveling, which i guess is what i'm about.

honolulu, hawaii
top: underwhelming food from tokkuri-tei- butterfish and nori-chos
bottom: wonderful chantilly cake and chocolate shake from zippy’s

woke up and cleaned the place up a little.  my younger brother-in-law (sounds so stronge to say…), howard, was flying in today!  for lunch walter and i decided to go for it and get kfc.  mm-mm-mmm…  the batter is the same, but the chicken in hawaii tastes slightly different.  we got our beloved mashed potatoes and my beloved biscuits.  how could the rest of the world hate kfc mashed potatoes?!*  didn’t they see that south park episode?  we chowed down and watched some adventure time.

before we knew it, a knock on the door.  howard!!!  we sat around at home while he settled in and caught up.  howard, a godsend, brought a goldtouch keyboard for me, since my arms were feeling carpal tunnely from my minipc keyboard.  after, i decided i should go for another run, since my calves weren’t actually that angry and because i had a ton of kfc for lunch.  my left knee has also been being weird this morning, kind of hurty to walk.  for whatever reason, i thought a run might loosen it up.

justin, i do have a map for this run, but i’m too lazy to screenshot…etc.  basically the boys were going to walk to waiola, and i would run and catch up for some shave ice, before running home.  already a poor plan.  run home with a belly full of shave ice?  walter apparently has an mp3 player full of normal music so i borrow that.  walter and howard left first.  after calling my mom, i followed.

having kfc really makes moving around harder.  a strong headwind didn’t help either.  i putted north slowly, about 10min/mi and caught up to the boys near waiola.  i ran ahead turn the corner and… whomp whomp… waiola had already closed for the day.  that’s what we get for not checking the hours… i jogged home at an even slower 10:30min/mi pace.  logged just over 2 miles.  hopped in the shower and got ready for dinner.

we met jaime, norm and lance at tokkuri-tei, close by our place.  it was pretty highly rated on yelp so i was kind of excited.  haven’t had real good sushi since california.  when we got there though, i was already skeptical.  it was pretty large, with not too many servers and way too many items on the menu.  i managed to narrow down my choices.  the problem was, nothing was good and some things were bad.  there were some nice concepts, like the nori nachos, but they weren’t well executed.  the butterfish was fried to the point it was difficult to distinguish from a regular whitefish.  and one major problem: despite everything being mediocre, it wasn’t cheap.  without drinks or dessert, it put us at $200+ for 6 people before tip.  and all walter had was udon.

we decided to cheer ourselves up by going to zippy’s.  apparently they have the best chocolate shakes, but we didn’t know until jaime told us.  mmm!  it was delicious!!!  so chocolately, like haagen dazs belgium chocolate chocolate or swensen’s sticky chewy chocolate.  yumyum.  also, we tried a slice of the chantilly cake.  we were pretty curious about this, since i’m only familiar with chantilly cream.  eating the cake, i was reminded of something.  finally it came to me: medovy tort!  honeycake in prague!!!  yumyum.

the night was saved, except for the fact my knee deteriorated greatly after my run.  basically, after sitting/having my knee bent for a while, walking kiiilled my knee.  but, after walking for 5-10 minutes, it would feel fine again.  decided i was too lazy to ice, or elevated or whatever and went to sleep hoping it would be better in the morning.

*through our european and southeast asian travels, none of the kfcs we saw carried mashed potatoes

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