ham run time

this was created as a running blog. instead, it's about eating and traveling, which i guess is what i'm about.

honolulu, hawaii
top: more toro than i’ve ever seen at one time
middle: setting up fireworks, fireworks round 2 ready!
bottom: sparklers, fireworks

last day of a year filled will so much.  heated up leftover pizza and went with howard for his first surf lesson.  poor walter was tooo tiiireeeddd.  today i focused on trying to figure out which waves were surfable and when to start padding since standing up isn’t a problem.  it was a super nice day which meant a tooon of people in waikiki.  the beach was pretty crowded.

after showering and cleaning up, cheryl arrived!!!  i had a tiny bit of leftovers for lunch but was planning to save my appetite for dinner.  however, cheryl needed to be fed so i ended up snacking with her.  around 6pm we left and drove up to kaneohe.  we got to lance’s places first and walked over to his aunts where food was already starting to come out full force.  this plate of freshly caught toro and shipped-from-japan hamachi was yummay.  it’s also the most toro i’ve ever seen at once, in my life.  possibly more pieces of toro than i’ve ever eaten added together.  after a sake-apple pucker drink, we sadly said goodbye to this platter of toro and went over to jaime’s to say hi.

jaime’s = lots of red wine + lemon drops.  before being even close to finishing my lemon drop, jaime’s dad plopped down a glass of cab before me, chiding me to drink faster.  we also munched on all their yummy pupu platters.  we ended up staying longer than planned so by the time we got back to lance’s, everyone had finished eating!  plenty of delicious leftovers though: unagi rolls, saimin salad, rib roast, fried tako, bbq ribs…etc.  we ate until we were about to burst.  i called my momy around 9:55pm so i could start the new year with her.  then the toasting started.

lance has a pretty tight knit neighborhood.  every half hour, we gathered at a different person’s house for shots and toasts.  previous years, every house would then set off fireworks.  since it’s illegal without a permit now (and even then, quantity is limited), not all houses had fireworks.  around 11pm we headed back to lance’s house to prepare our set of fireworks.  lance by far had the most fireworks and enough for another round at midnight.  it was pretty funny listening to lance’s mom plecture him about ire safety and singeing the roof again.  unfortunately, no aerials but we were able to see some streets around use firing them off.  we got busy tying up the fireworks (13 strings a bundle) and then taping more firecrackers to them, and took a break to play with some sparklers.  lance procured a nasty, gnarled, molten coat hanger that look like it was longing for death and used it to hook the fireworks to the pole.

good thing walter had his earplugs.  it was absolutely deafening and i could have done with some sunglasses.  thick smoke wafted everywhere.  at the end, lance went around the burning pile and poked at it with a stick to put out all the little fires.

then it was time for more drinks, lots of desserts and i learned how to play cribbage, without playing, and hearts.  i won!  around 1:30am decided to end on the high note and go home.