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this was created as a running blog. instead, it's about eating and traveling, which i guess is what i'm about.

honolulu, hawaii
top: howard working on his tonkatsu sauce
bottom: cream crab croquettes, the perfect katsu-don

woke up around noon today and was looking at a refinery29 article on amour vert.  i was feeling quite proud because how many fashion labels are there in palo alto?  how many of them actually produce semi-cute clothing and are eco friendly to boot?  then, i saw this dress from their spring 2012 line.  wait a second… those rolled sleeves, that v-neck, the ruched twist at the hip… the choice of nude fabric.  i know that dress.  or rather, i know THIS dress.  i had actually bought (and returned, due to ill fit) it from kain label’s spring 2011 line.  i’m all for homages and nods to inspirational figures, but the blatant ripping off of others has always bothered me.  faux designer purses, steve madden’s fake toms… ugh.  so i took some screenshots and sent them in.

anyhoo, nobody cares.  walter and i had a small spat and i decided to have an afternoon alone since it’s been quite a while since i’ve had alone time.  i think the last time was in paris?  i value and cherish my alone time.  i love my alone time.  while walter took howard to try puka dog, i had a nice shower and had a late lunch at marukame udon.  i started reading the sojourn but the first few pages were not very captivating.

after lunch i walked down kalakaua to go “shopping”.  we hen’t really gone into any stores except out of necessity since i’m trying to save money, especially since i’m getting a new purse soon. i decided to scout out the sales at prada, chanel…etc.  nothing good though.  i rarely deal with sales because 1) they’re a mess and i just can’t, 2) there’s nothing good and i just think to myself “i know why you’re on sale…”, or 3) anything good is sold out in my size before it even hits the sales.  still, every now and then i try.  barney’s in sf and occasionally on shopbop are the only times i have any luck.

it’s been pretty hot and windless the last week and being in the sun just wears me out.  when i got home, i laid down to rest but didn’t plan on napping.  however, walter had just done laundry and rolled up a warm towel and gave it to me to hug.  i fell asleep in about 6 seconds.  :3  it was almost dinner when i woke up so we got ready and walked to tonkatsu ginza bairin.

yup, we’re back!  we got the cream crab croquettes which was pretty good (i don’t really like regular potato croquettes).  i was a little dismayed by the nonuniform sizes but was happy to see little pieces of kani inside.  taste and texture of the filling was better than gochi’s, but gochi’s crustis better.  i decided to get a katsu-don today instead of tonkatsu.  i love katsu-don! whenever i’m working north of palo alto, i sorely miss the wonderful lunch sets at tanto and goshi.  i got the special bairin katsu-don and mmm!!!  so perfect!  and huge!  i had almost half leftover and i was stuffed.

walked home and had some bubbie’s.  played a couple short games of starcraft with takuya because i love him so.  we went 2v2 today so i could learn to micro.  hard-hard was fine but hard-very hard presented some troubles.  probably would’ve been fine if they hadn’t taken tak out early.  whoops.  

went to bed and started a new storytime book with walter, the cat’s table (guess both these books are boy coming of age books, don’t know why).  sometimes listening to walter read a new book had the opposite effect it’s supposed to have because i want to stay up to hear and process the story.  especially today, i was pretty excited because we haven’t had a book in a while, though walter’s been making up stories for me still sometimes.  eventually drifted off to bed.

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