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this was created as a running blog. instead, it's about eating and traveling, which i guess is what i'm about.

honolulu, hawaii
top left to right: malasada heaven, morimoto with the mister, super cute mini toro tartare in the omakase
bottom left to right: one of my favorites foie gras chawan mushi, big man tiny teapot see why it’s funny?, my other favorite kakuni with congee 

woke up at 10 again.  since walter and howard were still sleeping, i laid in bed and quietly played tiny tower until 11am.  heated up my leftover katsu-don for lunch.  after walter woke up, it appeared we would not be doing anything or going anywhere so i decided to nap for an hour until surfing.

went to our last surf lesson: howard’s second, my third and walter’s fourth.  walter’s gotten pretty pro lately!  his pop up looks legit.  walter and i mostly tried to do our own thing, but erik still helped us out.  howard caught two good waves!  i managed not to get my hair wet at all!!!  but i didn’t really try too many new things.  after about 5 good waves, i somehow tweaked my shoulder so i called it a day.  i started a sad one arm paddle back to shore and walter came to tug me halfway.  haha

after we got back, howard made a beeline to leonard’s for malasadas while i showered.  he came back with a boxful of them.  howard doesn’t eat much, but he can eat a whole lot of malasadas hehe  we were late for diner by this time so we took a cab across waikiki instead of walking.

morimoto waikiki is in the modern, where cheryl and adam were for a few nights.  we walked through the lobby and second floor just briefly and while it was minimalisti and modern and newly remodeled, i can see where the poor reviews were coming from: the front desk wasn’t even staffed and they really lacked signage.

similar to the napa morimoto, there was a ton of staff milling about here, but very few actual servers.  it was also pretty loud, but not as loud as napa’s.  however, it was pretty spacious and pretty inside and chef morimoto was in the house tonight!  i was excited and hoped to meet him later on.  also, elton john rolled in with his entourage, powder blue suit and all.  i couldn’t help but think of dumb and dumber.  he’s shorter and stouter in real life.

3 omakases t the table and walter and i ordered a la carte (i had told him which items i would order and the prices ahead of time so that we could also go to yakiniku horishi!).  i mainly wanted the tuna pizza and my two favorites: foie gras chawan mushi and kakuni with congee.  mm!!!  we ended up lso gettnig the oxtail soup (good, but tasted like beef noodle soup.  a little too heavy on the star anise too) and a haupia green tea meringue dessert.  overall, it was pretty good.  morimoto in general isn’t mindblowing, but it’s nice.  i liked that there were hawaii specific items, but sad that some of the portions were smaller here.

ah, we didn’t get to meet morimoto.  towards the end of dinner, all the kitchen and wait staff disappeared into the back room to get yelled at by morimoto and then he left.  welp.  i guess it’s good he upholds standards.  by the time we were done with dinner and done saying our goodbyes, it was already midnight.  we strolled home and had some more malasadas.  i made congee with leftover rice and laulau and then went to sleeps.

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