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this was created as a running blog. instead, it's about eating and traveling, which i guess is what i'm about.

honolulu, hawaii
top: giovanni’s shrimp truck, shrimp scampi
middle: matsumoto’s shave ice < waiola
bottom: brothers exploring, about half a second before we wiped out, toro kalbi

escaped death again today.  really, i need to just stay at home and sit in a soft chair. |:

howard and i had some of my porridge for a late breakfast while walter slept in.  then we went to get our rental car and headed to the north shore!  our first stop was giovanni’s shrimp truck.  i’ve been here once before but neither walter nor howard had been.  i myself am not a huge shrimp person and walter pretty much dislikes most shrimp so i was a little nervous since this place has been pumped up.  to my surprise, walter got a shrimp scampi plate too, along with a mediocre garlic sausage.  there were an insane amount of flies buzzing around so we ended up eating in the car.  i happily sucked on the shells before eating the fat, garlic smothered shrimp.  i like the scampi because they use more olive oil than butter here so i can eat MOAR.  walter actually gobbled down all his shrimp super fast.

next, matsumoto’s shave ice.  came here once, wasn’t too crazy about it but loved all the shirts.  my shirts have since shrunk/gotten old/been donated so i got a new one.  i wish waiola had cute shirts.  anyway, though walter and howard should try matsumoto’s for comparison since it’s so popular.  verdict: waiola »> matsumoto’s.  matsumoto’s ice is just so much more coarse and though it’s bigger, they only have cones and the ice cream is completely melted by the time you get down there.  and the line is super long.

after this, we went to lanaikea beach hoping to see some sea turtles.  however, it was too late in the day.  it was low tide though and it was super pretty.  there was rock shelf tide pool thingie that went about 40 feet out before it dropped off.  walter and howard went out to go check it out.  i was a little dubious since i know nature hates me (even though i adore it!) so i stayed on the sand.  it was pretty calm for the most part, save for one wave that broke mid-shin, so when they came back, howard took me back out to check out some deep holes and the edge.  

this was a mistake.  why, why oh why couldn’t i just have controlled my curiosity for once?  i usually say, “mediocrity killed the cat” a la forrest gump, but i’m really starting to believe that curiosity will be the death of me one day not too far from now.  this reminds me to have walter take out a life insurance policy for me when we get home…

about 2/3 of the way out, a wave came.  didn’t look too high but as it rushed up, it splashed up to mid thigh.  we should have just turned around at this point but for some reason we pressed on.  right near the edge, there was a deep looking hole that howard pointed out to me.  we started to turn around to snap a quick photo, but never made it all the way around.  out of the corner of my eye, i saw a big wave coming.  there was no point trying to run.  the best thing would have to get low and push into it, but i didn’t.  i grabbed howard and might have mumbled something like, “shit, we’re fucked haha”.

since we were on the edge, the wave broke and hit us, sweeping us over.  i was able to get on one knee and catch myself with my hand and only swept a bit.  unfortunately, the uneven rock was pretty painful so i got some small cuts right under my knee and a huge bruise.  also tweaked my right thumb.  howard was less lucky and got swept up, scraping his foot along the floor.  he got some pretty bloody little cuts on his little toe and the bottom of his right foot and landed on his butt pretty hard.  also, his cell phone was in his pocket so that’s dead now and his sunglasses were swept away.

considering my injury track record, i got off super easy.  my main concern was get swept out and then being dashed back onto the rocks.  i couldn’t help but giggle all the way home, though i think walter and howard were less amused.

a lot of people say that there’s nothing like sex after surviving a life threatening event.  those people are wrong.  i say there’s nothing a seven course yakiniku meal with 4 courses of beef, 3 of which are wagyu/kobe.  after cleaning up a little, we went to yakinuki hiroshi for dinner.  we got the platinum course which a great deal and way too much meat.  beef tongue, australian wagyu ribeye, us kobe toro kalbi and us kobe kalbi shortrib.  throw in some miso butter scallops, salad, really good kimchee and frozen creampuffs for dessert.  walter came really close to not making it and my head was clouded from all the fat afterwards.  would’ve loved a cab ride home, but we thought it better to walk.  we made a very slow hobble home and had some nice hot showers.

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