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this was created as a running blog. instead, it's about eating and traveling, which i guess is what i'm about.

honolulu, hawaii
top: what time is it? crazy nails adventure time!!! 
bottom: walter nonchalantly drinking all of my orange julius

countdown: 3…

we woke up today to do our old stand-by routine: kotteri ramen from tenkaippin for lunch, then walk to waiola for shave ice even though we’re already too full (always with ice cream and condensed milk!).  somehow, it doesn’t ever get old.  i could wake up every morning and walk down kapahulu in the scorching sun or drizzling rain, holding walter’s hand and always feel like i did over three years ago when we came to hawaii for our first trip together.  it seems almost proper to begin and end our trip on this trail.

after a quick break at home, i went off alone and walked to the other side of waikiki to get my nails done.  even though i really liked mariko, anri and the girls at salon cherie a lot last time, i still wanted to go to nails by adrienne because i read that it was cheaper and she seemed much more into doing silly custom things.  

adrienne has a table in avance salon, which is the second floor of a building full of random stores.  you have to call up to be buzzed in.  adrienne used to be a snowboard bum in japan before doing nails.  she has some background in painting too, which you can definitely tell if you get crazy nails.  

first, she showed me a good way of taking shellac (gelish/cal-gel same) off since i’ve never done it and didn’t want to soak my fingers in a bowl of acetone for 15 minutes.  she put a little piece of cotton wit acetone on each nail and wrapped my fingertips in foil.  less than ten minutes later, almost all the shellac scraped cleanly off with my fingertips nice and safe.  my fingernails did feel a little sore? stingy? though so i’ll probably limit shellac/gelish/cal-gel to a minimum even though it’s amazing!

then, i talked to her about what i wanted and got to mix a custom color for my glitter gradation because i was feeling picky.  from a box full of awesome stickers and decals, i chose some simple bows and for the lolz, a 3d stone bow.  i also chose some holograms for my nails, one color only.  again, i went less crazy than i initially thought i would.  i guess super insane nails are just not me.  ah, and lastly, i had her paint finn and princess bubblegum from adventure time on my nails (: (: (:  i would’ve preferred marceline to pb but her black hair didn’t go with the color scheme haha  view the end result!  a different kind of girly than my last nails.  i kind of love it, though i could have done without the stone bows.

after, i walked to ala moana to meet walter.  since i was early, i decided to see if there were any good sales at neiman marcus*, expecting nothing.  super sale!!!  per usual, there was almost nothing good in my size but i did find really cheap orangish paige denims!!!  i’ve been looking for orange/rust and wine/aubergine/burgundy denim for so long but there was either nothing good or i wasn’t to put down th money for something i’ll probably only wear for one season.  i also got a super cheap but relatively boring theory top.  i do need long sleeve shirts though.

for dinner, i did two laps around the food court, thinking i’d try something different but in the end, we carried out our routine and shared a large orange julius to go with our coco ichibanya curry.  oh, did i say “share?  i meant, WALTER DRANK ALMOST ALL THE ORANGE JULIUS AND LEFT ME WITH ORANGE FLAVORED SLUSH!!!  i got a few sips here and there before looking up to realize it was almost all gone )’:

at home, we meant to go to the hot tub but were too late and it closed.  we didn’t actually think the pool area would be locked at 9pm but from the lanai, i watched a few people turn away, dejected.  the gate is actually less than 4 feet tall but we decided not to jump it.  and so, we stayed in and i was pinning on pinterest for a couple hours and rearranging boards.  i created some general boards, not realizing how sucked in i would get and now i am slowing breaking down and creating new, more niche boards.  then i have to move my pins.  bah.  wish there was an easier way to edit!

before bed, i continued reading the sojourn, which is turning out to be part war novel, which i didn’t expect because i forgot what it was about.  i haven’t really read a war novel since high school, even though i really loved all quiet on the western front.  i should read a couple more… any recommendations?

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