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this was created as a running blog. instead, it's about eating and traveling, which i guess is what i'm about.

honolulu, hawaii
left: heart attack inducing loco moco
right: heart attack inducing corned beef hash

last full day in hawaii.  woke up and let walter sleep in.  i had leftover pizza while surfing the internets and mentally packing my suitcase.  i like space management.  weird, but i like to think of a space, see the pieces and think about how things should go in order to fit.  usually it works out perfectly, or with room to spare and i get a little too excited.  in college when i was helping my friend change his strut bar to a heftier one, neither him nor his brother or his neighbor was able to angle the new strut bar in.  finally they thought to give me a try.  i stared at it, then wiggled in on the creeper and set the bar in place.  take that, men!

anyway, when walter finally got up, we went to waiola for more shave ice.  i will be looking forward to spring when i buy my shave ice machine… we went to the hot tub after getting back, then headed to the beach so that walter could try to catch the green flash (i am both disappointed and delighted that the actual term is “green flash”).  we found a good spot on waikiki beach and settled in for a relaxing sunset.  however, there were a lot of people walking in front of us and a lot of boats swerving in and out in front of the sun.  walter got pretty frantic each time another boat headed for the recently cleared sun.

there was a thin layer of clouds right on the horizon when the sun set.  the flash was there, but it was tiny and barely noticeable if you weren’t looking for it.  a little bit sad, but at least walter caught a glimpse, however fleeting.

we went to rainbow drive-in for dinner.  sadly, they sold out of the tuesday spaghetti special riiight when we got there *shakes fist.  we tried their chili (better than zippy’s despite the beans), the loco moco (yummy! but not as good as sueoka’s on kauai) and the corned beef hash (mmm… hawaiians really do corned beef hash right.  always a nice crust).  we were good and got white rice with our dishes instead of french fries.  the mac salad was really good and portions really generous, but it was a little bit salty with too much mayo for my taste.  

we waddled to zippy’s after to get a slice of chantilly cake for walter.  it was misting on the way home.  after two weeks of perfect sunshiney days, the weather has reverted to being a little overcast, windy and drizzly.  i think hawaii is sad that we’re leaving, too. ):

started packing when i got home, trying to make sure the check-in luggage is under 50lbs, even if it means we have to hand carry a lot of weight.  polished off a couple more bubbie’s mochi ice creams.  got in bed and finished the sojourn, which i ended up liking a lot, particularly because we had been in austria & the czech republic for almost two weeks not too long ago.

i stayed up reading until almost 4am.  i didn’t want to go to sleep because then it’d be tomorrow and we’d have to leave ):  after turning out the lights, i rolled around and wasn’t able to drift to sleep until after 5am.  i am happy to be going home and going back to work soon but part of me wants to jet off again after a month or two.  i am pretty excited to see everyone, to go home and move into my new place and for all the things we have lined up already.  

i wonder what will become of this blog.  every day with just be, palo alto, california, usa or mountain view, california, usa with some san francisco thrown in.  still, great places to live and i can’t complain.  love the bay. (:

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