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this was created as a running blog. instead, it's about eating and traveling, which i guess is what i'm about.

bay area, california
top: mini unagi-don at dan izakaya (formerly tanto)
row 2: peter drinks beer now (singular)!, dosa’s fried chicken
row 3: bottle cap’s fried chicken, butterscotch pudding
row4: pastrami sliders and truffle fries at yardhouse, ovila club members

100th post!!!

beer and fried foods.  that’s what my life has become.  also, getting addicted to coffee again.

the last week has been furniture shopping and eating for the most part.  friday night we braved rain and wind to try out dosa.  sadly because we had a large group, we could only do the dine about town menu.  the fried chicken was really good, but the white truffle dosa was a little disappointing.

sunday we got to see amy poehler and andy richter at one of the sf sketchfest events: upright citizen’s brigade in conversation.  actually quite hilarious!  dinner after at bottle cap gastropub.  the fried chicken thighs were super good!  and the butterscotch pudding was yummy too, but everything else kind of fell flat.

we’ve also added weekly late night happy hour to our rotation.  god bless yardhouse for having 10pm-12am happy hour sundays-wednesday.  i’m always surprised at how tasty (albeit greasy) the food is there.  shiitake garlic noodles and truffle fries are my go-to items.  i should try at least one new beer each week!  

on that note, brother’s getting pretty into beers lately.  in addition to the beer of the month club i curated for him for christmas, i woke up early today to go to whole foods since they were having 20% off all their beers today.  just me, and a ton of dudes.  bought three 6-packs for superbowl sunday and then 17 other single bottle varieties for my brother.  we’re amassing quite a healthy collection of fancy beerz.

sad news.  alexander’s no longer serves ramen in the bar at lunch.  BOOOOO.  instead, went to dan izakaya with my mom and brother for lunch.  never came to this tanto location, but heard dan was good too.  same items, but expanded lunch menu.  there was sooo much to choose from!  got 4 entrees to share, including my beloved asari clam ramen.

been having lots of coffee again after being mostly on hiatus during my honeymoon.  philz, red rock, blue bottle, barefoot, bellano… trying to control how much i drink and avoid it after 4pm.

oh!!! we bought some furniture finally!!!  couch, rug, and some bookshelves on the way!  also, pretty much decided on coffee and dining tables.  yaaay!  hopefully our place will be presentable by march! :D

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